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This is where you will find helpful links and some of the companies we have done business with.   

Please visit and contribute if possible The US Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a science and education based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles.

The US Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK).

Reptile Care & Information

Animal Diversity Web

Australias 10 most dangerous snakes

Bearded Dragon .org (Information)

Costa Rica Handbook

Dr. Garvin Miller

Dr. Garvin Miller Robot Snake

Fauna Classifieds (BOI)

Florida BackYard Snakes

G-Wiz (Advanced Genetics Wizard)

Herbison; Snake Information (Links)

Herpetology Network (Information)

Kingsnake.com Classifieds

National Breeder's Expo (Daytona)

Pets (Informational Links)

Sean Thomas: Information (ZA)

Snakes Information Missouri

Snakes Identification Kentucky

The Australian Zoo (Croc Hunter)

The Basking Spot

The Unnatural Museum

Venomous Snakes.net


Florida R.M.C.A.

Layne Laboratories

Mazuri (Food)

Rat & Mouse Club Of America

Rodent Pro

SAS Supply (Rodents)

Snake Racks

Animal Plastics (Racks)

A.R.S. Caging


Freedom Breeder (Racks)

Natures Spirit Reptiles (Incubators & Racks.)

Reptile cage Plans

The Boaphile

Reptile Supplies

Allpet Online Discount


Big Apple Herpetological (supply)

Lambrier Vet Supply

Midwest Tongs.com (supply)

Natural Chemistry

Pro Products (supply)

Reptile basics (supply)

Reptile Supply.com

Superior Enterprise

Reptile Forums

Fauna Classifieds (BOI)

Reptile Forums.net

Italian / Sicilian Sites

Andrea Bocelli (Face Book)

Blog Sicilia (Face Book)

Bronx Little Italy (Face Book)

Carmen Consoli (Face Book)

Catania bedda (Face Book)

Chef Natale Giunta (Face Book)

Dave Lombardo (Face Book)

Fiero di essere Siciliano (Face Book)

i-Italy (Face Book)


I Love Sicilia (Face Book)

Isula Sicilia (Face Book)

Italia Living (Face Book)

Italy Magazine (Face Book)

Listen To Sicily Audioguide (Face Book)

L'Italo-Americano Newspaper

L'Italo-Americano Newspaper (Face Book)

L'Italo-Americano Newspaper (Twitter)

Mara Carfagna (Face Book)

Maria Grazia Cucinotta (Face Book)

Museo ItaloAmericano (Face Book)

Only The Best Italian Style (Face Book)

Order Sons Of Italy (Web Site)

Order Sons Of Italy (Twitter)

Order Sons Of Italy (Face Book)

Palermo a 360 gradi (Face Book)

Sicilia un'isola piena di meraviglie (Face Book)

SiracusaNews.it (Face Book)

Talenti gelato e sorbetto (Face Book)

The Italian American Journal (Face Book)

The Italian-American Page (Face Book)

The National Italian American Foundation

The National Italian American Foundation (Face Book)

The National Italian American Foundation (Twitter)

Visit Sicily (Face Book)

Living Art Reptiles Ghost Ball Pythons (Manser)

Snake Breeders(websites)

Amir Soleymani (Breeder)

Bob Clark Reptiles (Breeder)

Bob Clark Reptiles (Face Book)

Constrictors Unlimited (Breeder)

Constrictors Unlimited (Face Book)

Corey Woods Reptiles (Breeder)

Corey Woods Reptiles (Face Book)

Cutting Edge Herp (Breeder)

Cutting Edge Herpetological Inc (Face Book)

Die Reptilien Seite

DM Exotics (Breeder)

DM Exotics (Face Book)

Dynasty Reptiles (Breeder)

Dynasty Reptiles (Face Book)

E.B.N. Exotics by Nature (Breeder)

Greg Graziani Reptiles (Breeder)

Greg Graziani Reptiles (Face Book)

Greggs Reptile Basement (Breeder)

Gregg Feaster Reptiles (Face Book)

Hermann + Erika Stöckl (Germany)

Hermann + Erika Stöckl (Face Book)

Joe Compel Reptiles (Breeder)

LA-Reptiles (Español)

Liquid Crystal Reptiles (Germany).

Markus Jane Ball Pythons (Breeder)

Markus Jayne Ball Pythons (Face Book)

N.E.R.D. New England Reptile Distributors

New England Reptile Distributors (Face Book)

Peter Kahl Reptiles (Breeder)

Peter Kahl Reptiles (Face Book)

Pro Exotics

Ralph Davis Reptiles (Breeder)

Ralph Davis Reptiles (Face Book)

Ralph Davis Reptiles 1 (Face Book)

Roussis Reptiles (Breeder)

Roussis Reptiles (Face Book)

The Boaphile (Face Book)

The Boaphile (Morph Market)

The Snake Keeper (Breeder)

The Snake Keeper (Face Book)

V.P.I. Vida Preciosa International, Inc.

Vida Preciosa International (Face Book)

Wes Harris Reptiles (Breeder)

Wes Harris Reptiles (Face Book)

Reptile Breeders Links

Best Reptile Sites .com

Herp Cam.com (Links)

Terraristik Links

Web Ring (Reptile links)

Ball Python Classifieds

Fauna Ball Python Classifieds

King Snake .com Ball Python Classifieds

L.A.R. Links

Living Art Reptiles (About us.org)

Living Art Reptiles (Face Book)

Reptile Top Sites

Fauna Top Sites

Reptile Related (Top sites)

Non-Herp Sites

Art Schools

Electric Zoo Festival (New York)

Fine Art Gallery


Mr Rogers (Parents)

Science Daily

Living Art Reptiles Hypo Ball Pythons (Compel)

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