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First I would like to thank you for your interest. Living Art Reptiles is a small private breeding facility specializing in Ball Pythons. We have been involved in Reptiles since 1988. We work with a small collection which allows us to really focus on care and maintenance of our Reptiles. We follow all safety (quarantine) measures when it pertains to maintaining a quality collection. We will not miss-lead the linage of a reptile to make sale. We do not mass produce to make a profit.
In August 24, 1992 Hurricane Andrew hit Miami Dade County. Prior to the storms landfall our collection was moved to a safer location. We suffered a lot of structural damage and over the years we have been slowly rebuilding. We have always maintained our love for reptiles and passion for this fantastic hobby. We were working with Burmese Pythons (Python Molurus Bivittatus), Ball Pythons (Pyhthon Regius) and Boa Constrictor's. Now we are focusing on breeding Ball Pythons (Python Regius) even though we have a few other types of snakes in our collection.

We also breed our own rodents. This insures the health of our snakes. Our rodents are laboratory breeding stock. We do have a few other blood lines as well. For feed we use Lab Diet products (Formulab Diet). For housing we use Freedom Breeder Racks. 

All snakes are maintained in a sterile environment. We use Virosan and Vikron-s as cleaning agents. Virosan is used in veterinarian offices. Vikron-s is a broad spectrum disinfectant. All incoming animals are quarantined (minimum six month period) and treated. We use Prevent a Mite and Reptile Relief. This insures the health of our inventory; Mite free. If Applicable we use Panacur and Flagyl but is rarely utilized since we deal primarily with Captive Born and Bred Ball Pythons. The only time we do receive an import into our collection from Africa is if it might be a possible new gene or an unrelated morph to whats available on the market at that time which has been previously proved out.  

At the moment due to my illness we now mainly sell privately.Many of our hatchlings go to breeders that we have long standing relationships with or to our community pet shops. I have been fortunate enough that this allows me to continue with my love for the reptiles and my passion for this wonderful hobby. Occasionally some snakes make it to our available page. It never hurts to check for availability via email as well. :-) 

Customer service is our priority and We want you to be completely satisfied! We are with you before and after the purchase to answer any of your questions. Just email us and we will get right back with you.

Hurricane Andrew (After The Storm)Link.

Hurricane Andrew Path of destruction 1992.gif

Hurricane Andrew (Twenty Years Later)Link.

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