Ball Pythons Retained Eye Caps

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Ball Pythons retained eye caps:

Ball Pythons, as well as all other snakes, have clear scales that cover their eyes. These clear scales provide the same basic function that human eyelids provide. When snakes shed, the clear eye caps are shed as well. Occasionally an eye cap or shed skin is retained. A single shed retained eye cap does not pose a health risk to the snake.

You can try a few things a keeper can do to fix the situation. You can leave the snake alone and let the eye cap come off during the next shed. Increase the humidity in the enclosure. Soak the snake for 15 - 30 minutes in water. Add a humidity chamber to the snake’s enclosure. Humidity chambers work really well for retained skin, but are not always effective at loosening retained caps. The last thing that can be done is to remove the eye cap with a piece of scotch tape. If you are an inexperienced keeper or are unsure if your snake has a retained cap, consult a a licensed veterinarian.

Before moving on to this next step, make sure you have thoroughly read sections on Ball Pythons Poor Incomplete Shedding, Ball Pythons Humidity Chamber Box, Ball Pythons retained eye caps. Once your snake has been properly prepared you can move on to this step.  

Removing an eye cap is fairly easy, but you better be sure that there is a retained cap to be removed before you start. Dented eyes or wrinkled eyes are sometimes mistaken for a retained eye cap. A dented eye cap can be a sign of dehydration. If you try to remove a healthy eye cap (one that is not retained shed), you risk permanent damage to your snake’s eye. If you're in doubt, give the snake a humidity chamber or soak it.

Roll a piece of scotch tape, sticky side out, around your index finger. To remove the cap, gently roll your finger along the cap starting from the head of the snake and working towards the tail. The cap should come off easily and should be stuck to the tape. Make sure the tape does not touch the scales around the eye or the fold of skin between the eye and the scales surrounding the eye. Be gentle and use light pressure.

Do not use tape that is too sticky, packing tape, box tape, and duct tape are examples of types that should not be used. These tapes have strong adhesives and if you accidentally stick them to your snake's skin, scales will come off!

I hope this information helps those who are experiencing shedding problems pertaining to retained eye caps with their snakes. Thank you for your time.


Best of luck,
Living Art Reptiles.
Source Information:
Joe Compel & Living Art Reptiles
Photos: Joe Compel.

Ball Python care and maintenance

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