Ball Python humidity chamber box

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BALL PYTHON humidity box chamber:

A humidity chamber / box can be used when your Ball python is experiencing incomplete sheds. Especially if you are using a glass aquarium with a screen top. If you are using an aquarium with a screen top, there are  draw backs to this, such as lack of humidity which makes it difficult for your snake to properly shed. An accumulation of poor sheds can cause health issues, retain eye caps, etc. With this type of set up, you will find yourself having to routinely soak your snake to ensure a proper shed.  Seasonal changes can also affect the ambient humidity in an enclosure. Many keepers find their snakes having difficulty shedding during dry winter months.

Humidity chambers are easy and inexpensive to construct. Disposable plastic food containers work well. Cut an entrance hole in the top or side of the container. Fill the container with sphagnum moss, cypress mulch, or paper towels can also be used as a substrate in the chamber, but sphagnum moss seems to work best. Add enough water to soak the moss, but not so much that there is standing water in the container. You will know when to rewet the moss; it gets lighter in color when it dries.

Place the humidity chamber inside the snake’s enclosure. The snake will find the chamber and undoubtedly crawl in. Humidity chambers are perfect for those keepers whose snakes are experiencing poor sheds. A humidity chamber should not be kept too wet, and the snake should only have access to one when shedding. You don’t want to overdo it; chronic wet and damp conditions can lead to heath issues; such as respiratory infections.

I hope this information helps those who are experiencing shedding problem with their snakes. Thank you for your time.


Best of luck,
Living Art Reptiles.
Source Information:
Living Art Reptiles & Joe Compel.
Photos: Joe Compel.

Ball Python care and maintenance

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