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The following information should only be performed by an experienced reptile keeper / breeder. A few ways to determine the sex of a snake is probing, manual sexing, or putting two snakes temporarily in an enclosure together to observe their behavior. Do not leave unsupervised during this process. If the two snakes become combative, it usually means they are males. Probing is a good way to tell the sex. With manual sexing you can visually see the hemipenes in males.

Again do not perform any of these procedures if you are not an experienced breeder and or keeper, you can cause physical damage to the snake. Unfortunately I have seen so called experienced reptile keepers recklessly giving instructions on the internet to a novice on how to manually sex their snake without informing that if not properly performed can cause harm or damage. Not only is this completely irresponsible but there could be possible liability involved if the snake is injured during the sexing process.

Some claim that you can visually see the difference between a male and female by the girth of their tail or even the size of their spurs, this method is unreliable and can be inaccurate. Females as they become older generally have larger girth than males. So in appearance their tales would appear to be stouter, again this is not always the case.

I personally manually sex the snake first before I probe them. When you are dealing with sub-adults / adults manually sexing becomes very difficult. At this point probing the snake may be necessary. It is safer if this procedure is performed by two people when handling adult ball pythons. 

So I hope some of the information provided has been helpful. Just maybe it has prevented an inexperienced individual from accidentally causing harm to their snake.

Below is a video in which Ralph Davis shows how to manually sex baby Ball Pythons. You should have an experienced breeder show you how to perform this action. If you choose to do this without experienced supervision you can be putting your snake at risk of injury.

These are some of the guidelines for beginners. I hope you find this information helpful. Happy Herping!
Best of luck,
Living Art Reptiles.
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Living Art Reptiles. 

Ball Python care and maintenance

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