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Introduction: Do not use a hot rock in what ever enclosure you choose. Many snakes have suffered from these heating devices receiving very bad burns which can lead to severe infections and or death. Ball Pythons are very powerfully built. Keep this in mind when you are choosing an enclosure. Ball Pythons should be kept in in enclosures specially constructed to securely house snakes. Some of the choices would be commercial fiberglass, plastic enclosures with sliding glass fronts or Plexiglas doors. If you use a hinged lid or door rather than a sliding top or front, make sure that the lid or door has a locking mechanism that would prevent a snake from escaping. Cages not specially constructed for housing snakes such as all glass aquariam with a screened lid are very dangerous. These are usually for housing small mammals. These types of enclosures do not insulate humidity or heat very well. If the Ball Python rubs it’s nose against the screen it could cause tears in it’s skin and lead to infection. Ball Pythons are very powerfully built and are notorious escape artists. Be a responsible herpetoculturist. Get the right kind of caging or have it built.   

Keep in mind that every time a snake escapes, it gives fuel to the fire pertaining to the argument about banning ownership of exotic animals, including reptiles, by the private sector. Members of the general public have the right to live without the unexpected visit of an escaped snake in their yards or homes resulting from a irresponsible owner. Be responsible.
For futher information, pictured below are two Ball Python housing links. One is Housing Ball Pythons for beginners and the other is Advanced housing. Please click whichever pertains to your experience level.  
Beginners housing set up
housing ball pythons beginners CueBall
Advanced housing setup
Advanced housing Rack setup Ball Pythons

Ball Python care and maintenance

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