Granite Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles

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Granite Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles.

Scientific Name: Python Regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal Python
Morph: Granite
Genetics: Color / Pattern Mutation - Dominant 
Granite Ball Pythons get their name from the speckled granite pattern along their sides. These Granite speckles are usually located in the the light oval areas. There are many variations of Granites Ball Pythons that have not been proven genetic. Some Granite Ball Pythons may have many black speckles while others will just have a few. Granites vary in color, Some have an Orange glaze to them while others have yellow.
This mutation was produced and proven dominant in 1999. Ralph Davis proved his line of Granites out in 2003.

At this time we are working with several Granite Ball Pythons and are still in the process of provong them out. 

Granite Ball Pythons (Living Art Reptiles)

Granite Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles
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