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  • When your new Ball Python arrives it can be very exciting, I know because I am an enthusiast. It is very imperative that you handle your new arrival as little as possible aside from the initial health inspection. You must absolutely quarantine your new snake completely away from your collection for a minimum of six months. More time may be needed depending on the out come of the quarantine. Meaning, did your new Ball Pythons show signs of R.I. (respiratory Infection), watery stools, Mites, no appetite, ETC. These could be signs of some health problems such as being infected with Pentastomes, roundworms (nematides), Flukes (trematodes), Tapeworms (cestodes), as well as Protozoans such as Giardia, Trichomonas, Etamoeba and Coccida.  What I have listed so far mainly affects wild caught snakes which you could have acquired in your collection unknowingly. When buying large adults, be very careful, some people misrepresent them as captive born Ball Pythons. This is a terrible tactic to make sales but many are doing it. You should if you do not all ready have a veterinarian get one and have stool check done, this way you will know exactly what you are dealing with. 


  • After your initial health inspection place your Ball Python in a suitable secure enclosure, please review section on Housing and Maintenance. Make sure your snakes are housed separately. I do not really like open air (screen top) enclosures, many snakes have received R.I. (Respiratory infections) in these. The enclosure should have a cool spot and a warm spot. The warm spot should be around 88-90 degrees and the cool spot should be approximately 78 degrees. The humidity should be at least 60%. Make sure you have fresh water in the enclosure! Keep the snakes drinking water clean at all times. You should wait at least one week before attempting to feed you snake, let it settle in. News paper works well when quarantining, it’s easier to inspect the fecal and check for mites. When you do attempt your first feeding use a smaller prey item than normal to allow your Ball Python to gain confidence at feel more secure in its new environment.  Try not to feed you Ball Python if it’s in the Blue (in shed), normally they will not eat during this time. There is always going to be the exception to the rule but normally they won’t. Be patient with your new arrival. If you are stressed out your Ball Python will be stressed out, so relax.


  • Once the minimum six months quarantine is over and you are sure there are no health issues you can then introduce your new Ball Python to the snake room. If you do not quarantine your new arrivals you could endanger your entire collection! Remember, if you think a snake is in ill health, seek a veterinarian.    


These are guidelines that we use at the Living Art Reptile’s facility. We are not brokers, we are in fact actual breeders so you can receive animals from us with total and absolute confidence. We follow quarintine procedures. I hope this information was helpful and Happy Herping!



Best Wishes,



Living Art Reptiles™.      



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