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The scientific name for the Ball Python is Python regius which means “Royal Python”. The name is widely used in Europe. In the United States the popular name is “Ball Python”; given their tendency to form a tight coil as a defense mechanism.  

Generally Ball Pythons are very reluctant to bite and can be very shy. A captive born and bred Ball Python makes a very good beginners snake. The size of a Ball Python makes it very appealing as a pet. Adult Ball pythons can range anywhere from three feet to five feet. Very rarely will they get to six feet in length. Ball Pythons are cold blooded and depend on their environment for warmth.  

The Ball python is definitely one of the most widely sold snakes in the pet trade. Most Ball Pythons are imported from Togo or Ghana. They are being imported to the United States, Canada, Europe and many other countries. The exploitation could eventually be very harmful to the Ball Python in their natural habitat especially due to the small clutch size that Ball Pythons produce. In Africa more efforts need to be made in balancing the exportation of Ball Pythons; in time this could cause them to be extinct in their native habitat.  

Be very weary of getting an imported adult Ball Python, they can be very problematic. Many are imported harboring various parasites. They can have respiratory disorders, protozoan and bacterial infections. Again it’s better to stick to captive born and bred Ball Pythons in general.

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