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Classification of the Ball Python:


  •  Name: Scientific name (Python Regius). 

Class: Reptilia (all reptiles).


Order: Squamata (lizards and snakes).


Suborder: Serpentes (all snakes).


Family: Boidae (Pythons and Boas).


Subfamily: Pythoninae (all Pythons).


Genus: Python (typical Pythons).


Species: Python Regius (Ball python).




Distribution and Range:

Mainly in Central and West Africa.


Origin of imports:

Tongo and Ghana are where most of the Ball Pythons originate from sold into the pet trade. The African trappers will set fire to the grassy areas to expose the burrows in habited by the Ball Pythons.



Ball Pythons being terrestrial inhibit Savannah grasslands and open forest. They are not great climbers and usually will stay close to the ground. The python takes refuge in mammal burrows or other subterranean habitation during the day. Ball Pythons are nocturnal, so they become active at night in search for rodents such as gerbils and hamsters that are also native to Africa.



Hatchlings can range between 10-17 inches. Adults are generally between three to five feet in length.

Ball Python Distribution Points (Africa).jpg
Ball Python Care and maintenance Sheets.

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