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Spider Ball Pythons Living Artr Reptiles.

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal Python
Morph: Spider
Genetics: Color / Pattern Mutation - Dominant (Nerd)
The Spider Ball Python is a real neat looking snake! Its absolutely amazing.The Spider Ball Python mutation is both a color and a pattern mutation. The base color of a Spider Ball Python is a yellow and gold color with a greenish tint. They have an extremely reduced pattern. The dark dorsal markings are extremely thin and aberrant and are a black/brown color. The lateral pattern is almost pied with some yellow and gold, orange and gray flecks in the white colored area. The iris on the Spider Ball Python is a green/gold color and the head pattern is extremely variable. The crosses with this mutation are just endless and have produced some killer morphs.
This mutation was produced and proven dominant in 1999 by Nerd.

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