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Mojave Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal Python
Morph: Mojave
Genetics: Color Mutation - Co-Dominant ( The Snake Keeper )
The Mojave Ball Python is a very beautiful snake. When you take a moment and really look you will see there is a lot going on; visually pleasing to the eye.The Mojave Ball Python mutation is both a color and a pattern mutation. The Mojave Ball Python is lacking the Wild Type coloration of black, brown, tan and gold that is normally found in ball Pythons. The Mojave is a combination of a deep rich brown color in the dark areas and a clean yellow/yellow green color in the light areas. The dorsal pattern is normal but the lateral pattern shows some unusual blushing in the dark bands coming down towards the belly (known as lateral blushing). The lateral pattern on the Mojave is similar to a number of other mutations that have all produced solid colored offspring. The Mojave has an unusual light gray color Found in these bands . The belly has no black flecking like a normal ball python. The top portion of the iris in the Mojave is a yellow/gold color. The Mojave Ball Python would be a great addition to any collection
The Snake Keeper (Dan and Colette Sutherland) acquired the original Mojave Ball Python from a local wholesaler of reptiles in 1999. The Mojave ball python was first reproduced in captivity in the year 2000 by Dan and Colette Sutherland of The Snake Keeper. The Super Mojave was produced in 2004 by Morph King Reptiles and it turned out to be a blue-eyed leusistic similar to those produced when breeding Lesser Platinum's together.

Mojave Ball Python .jpg
 Mojave Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles
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