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Cinnamon Pastels Living Art Reptiles line.

Scientific Name: Python Regius
Common Name:
Ball Python / Royal Python

Cinnamon Pastel
Genetics: Color Mutation / Pattern Mutation - CO-Dominant (Graziani)
The cinnamon Pastel Ball Python is another great example of a solid investment snake. Cinnamon Pastel is a CO-dominant mutation; it has a Super form. This Super Cinnamon Pastel is a solid dark brown nearly black patternless snake. Cinnamon pastel ball pythons are lacking the yellow, gold and black coloring of normal Ball Pythons. They are shades of brown with a white belly.  The Cinnamon Pastel gets darker as it matures as with most morphs. The colors becomes much more subtle and becomes two shade of brown. There endless possibilities with crossing this Morph. One example of this are the Pewter Pastels, absolutely stunning! Other variations of this mutation are being called Black Pastels and Red Axanthics.
The Cinnamon is the second signature mutation produced at Graziani Reptiles. In 1997 Greg picked up an odd Ball Python from Strickly Reptiles in Hollywood Florida. This proved to be an amazing find later to be known as the Cinnamon Pastel. Graziani Reptiles proved him to be genetic in the summer of 2002 when they bred their wild caught Cinnamon Pastel male to Three wild caught females. All three of the females laid eggs and out of 18 eggs that hatched 8 were Cinnamon Pastels. This proved the mutation to be dominant. Graziani Reptiles In 2003 bred their Cinnamon Pastel male to a Pastel Jungle female and produced the first Pewter Pastels. 

Chris McQuade and Brian Barczyk have produced what is believed to be Super Cinnamons (the homozygous form of Cinnamon Pastel). The super form of the Cinnamon is a solid black ball python with a white belly.

The pictured Cinnamon Pastel is a new blood line that we are working with that comes straight from Africa.
Cinnamon Ball Python Living Art Reptiles (LAR)
Cinnamon Ball Python Living Art Reptiles (LAR)
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