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Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal Python

Morph: Yellow Belly (Het ivory)

Genetics: Color Mutation / Patter mutation-Co-Dominant

(Amir Soleymani, Doug Beard, Morton Wright and Jared Horenstein). 




This is definitely one of the best investment morphs in the Ball Python market! When two Yellow Belly Ball Pythons are breed together you can produce Ivories. The Yellow Belly Ball python has opened up a whole new field of morph crosses. When one sees a Yellow Belly Ball python in person there is almost no mistaking them, and yes yellow Bellies can be graded just like pastels. Yellow bellies have a deep rich golden yellow color. Blushing that comes from the edges of the belly up to the mid point of the sides. The belly itself is clear but also has some yellow coloration throughout. On the bottom of the snake it has a marble like pattern tracing the sides of the belly from beginning to the end. Remember this is a general description, each specimen will vary slightly. This is one morph that we have enjoyed since the first encounter! 

We are working with our own line of the yellow Belly morph which was imported approximately 2002.



Amir Soleymani of Snakes at Sunset originally acquired the first Yellow Belly Ball Python in 1997 and proved them to be genetic in 1999.


Yellow Belly Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles
Yellow Belly Ball Pythons Living Art Reptiles
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