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Albino Ball Pythons Living Artr Reptiles


Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal Python

Albino ( T- )
Genetics: Color Mutation - Simple Recessive ( Bob Clark )



Albino Ball Pythons lack all dark pigment, they are amelanistic (containing no melanin) their skin cells can only synthesize yellow and red pigments. Albino Ball Pythons are yellow and white with red eyes. Albino Ball pythons are one of the most beautiful morphs in the Ball Python world. They seem to at the top of every ones wish list in the hobby. I have always enjoyed how they look; they are even more pleasing to the eye in person. One unique characteristics about the Albino Ball Python market is the fact that it has kept its pricing very well. It definitely has not taken a deep dive as far as market pricing goes over the last several years and has held very steady. Albino Ball Pythons are definitely a solid investment. 



Information: This mutation was first produced and proven simple recessive in 1992 by Bob Clark. To date , there are two phases of Albino Ball Python, origional Albinos and lavender Albinos.


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