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Orange Gost Ball Pythons Line from Africa L.A.R.

Scientific Name: Python regius
Common Name: Ball Python / Royal python

Ghost or Hypomelanistic
Genetics: Color Mutation - Simple Recessive (NERD)

Ghost Ball Pythons are hypomelanistic; the word “hypo” means lacking and the word “melanin” refers to the dark pigments in animals (browns and blacks ).  Since the hypomelanistic Ball Pythons appearance creates a lighter, almost “transparent” pattern these snakes are commonly referred to as ghosts. When hypomelanistic Ball Pythons shed, the shed skin is patternless. They seem to come in may different colors, Green, Yellow, Butterscotch, Desert, and Gray Ghost.
The Ghost ball Python mutation was first produced & proven simple recessive in 1994.

We were very lucky to obtain this particular blood line of Orange Ghost which is directly from Africa.

Orange Ghost Ball Python

Het Orange ghost Ball Pythons.

Het Orange ghost Ball Pythons.

Het Orange ghost Ball Pythons.

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