Ball Pythons Feeding Size

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Ball Python rodent feeding size:

Question: how often should I feed my Ball Python?

Answer: As long as your snake has a good visual weight, then a once a week feeding schedule with the appropriate sized prey item should be sufficient. People do not realize that in the wild, a Ball Python can go up to six months between meals. Many individuals who feed their snakes more than once per week, are generally trying to grow them as quick as possible, merely for the sole purpose of breeding.

Question: What size Rodent should I feed my snake?

Answer: One simple rule is the prey item should not exceed the girth of you snake, the widest point. If the prey item is too large most of the meal goes to waste. Like humans, the snake’s body can only digest a certain portion of the meal, the rest gets disposed via fecal matter and uarates. Remember, an obese snake does no equate a healthy snake.

Below is a basic Ball Python prey size feeding chart. This is just a tool to help novice keepers in choosing the appropriate size rodent for their snake. Data provided by Justin Kobylka and chart created by slashlax99.

Ball Python rodent size feeding chart

I hope this information helps some first time breeders and keepers. Thank you for your time.


Best of luck,
Living Art Reptiles.
Source Information:
Living Art Reptiles.
Chart data:  Justin Kobylka.
Chart created by: Slashlax99

Ball Python care and maintenance

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