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Welcome to our web site!

Living Art Reptiles™


Dear fellow Reptile enthusiast,

I would like to apologize for my hiatus. The reason is due to my illness, I have been sick for some time. I definitely need to catch up on updating the site, all snakes are not listed. Thank you for your time and understanding.

Aquí es donde usted puede tener acceso a la versión española de nuestro Web site. Gracias por su tiempo. LA Reptiles (http://www.LaReptiles.com)

 Best regards,


Living Art Reptiles™
Reptiles Arte Viviente.

On this site you will find information on Ball Python care and maintenance husbandry not just sales per-say. One of the main problems with the reptile industry today is many are only concerned about profits, not educating new snake owners. We want you to enjoy your visit to our website and more importantly, have fun! Please visit, Join and contribute if possible, to USARK. The US Association of Reptile Keepers (USARK) is a science and education-based advocacy for the responsible private ownership of, and trade in reptiles. We have supported USARK on our website since 2008! Please click the USARK image below or visit our links page and click the USARK link to go to their official site. SAY NO TO SECTION 71102 LACEY ACT AMENDMENTS IN AMERICA COMPETES ACT!

Thank you for visiting us at Living Art Reptiles™. We Specialize in breeding quality Reptiles, Snakes, and Ball Pythons (Python Regius). Living Art Reptiles™ has been providing excellent customer service since 1988, We are with you before and after the purchase. We are dedicated to the care and maintenance of all of our snakes. Please take a moment to check out our website. We have many informative sections such as care and maintenance sheets on keeping and Breeding Ball Pythons. There are many pictures of Ball Pythons (Python Regius) in various morphs, also including Burmese Pythons (Python Molurus Bivittatus), Boa Constrictor's and Rodents. We have a breeding section for Rodents which also covers care, maintenance and housing. Definitely view our Ball python morphs gallery , the conception of this page started in 2002. The Ball Python Morphs Gallery is a great visual aide for novice breeders in deciding which direction they might want to take their snake breeding season. Thank you, Living Art Reptiles™.  :-)   

The Sienna Ball Python; we first produced this color morph in 2005. Please view our collection page for pictures.
The Sierra Ball Python; we first produced this color morph in 2005. Please view our collection page pictures.
The Sierra Yellow Belly was produced in 2012.
The Sienna Yellow Belly was produced in 2012.
Note: At this moment there is nothing available. We will be taking the next couple of seasons off to put the snakes through a rest and rotation cycle. Thank you for your time.

Ball Python Morphs  Gallery!

Ball Pythons Morphs picture gallery. This page is also an Homage to the Various breeders that have put in the work to prove out the various Ball Python Morphs. They are the reason for many of us why keeping Ball pythons is so exciting. This concept and page was started in 2002.

Kids Corner has links to websites that are kid-friendly, parent friendly, and worth visiting. Discovery Channel, Disney Channel, Animal Planet, Nick.com and Kids WB.com to name a few. 

Reptile Genetics; this section defines the genetics terminology used by Reptile Breeders.

Rodent links, this section covers the breeding, care and maintenance of mice and rats. 


This is a little fun section where you can see pictures of various Reptile breeders.


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